Digital Curriculum Sustainability Discussions


Research Led Discussion with a Focus on the Next Stage in Transition: Analytics

As an ever-louder voice of data intrudes and transforms education at every level of our school district systems, leaders and teachers need understanding. Our 2018 Digital Transition Discussions bring that understanding with the latest information from around the country, including the market dynamics which are pressuring educators from every side.

Join us for important and practical professional development. Presentations through the day include:

  • Keynote from LeiLani Cauthen: Ed-Tech Market Dynamics 2018 & Learning Analytics
  • Leading: Having a “System” Mentality
  • Tech Directing: Integration, Device and Network Impacts
  • Teaching: New Roles, New Opportunities

City-by-City Event Schedule

Why Attend?

What’s unique about these discussion events is they invariably bring up and tackle the tough questions about what’s happening inside the digital curriculum shift, and what that means for the actual teaching and learning.

The goal is to help every executive, principal, coach, instructional technology specialist and teacher through this challenging time in education transformation. During these one-day events we cover what “systems” are being used, the types of strategies and tactics and how to enhance the creative construction of digital learning resources between teachers, administrators and publishers.

The point of these free professional development days is to help all learners everywhere become more engaged in knowledge acquisition for life success.

New for 2018:

  • Basic training on digital analytics.
  • Latest leadership tactics for schools.
  • Defining the “coding universe.”
  • Copies of our latest special reports.
  • The new teacher roles in the future of education, including “Digital Learning Travel Planner”, “Data Analyst”, “Social-Emotional Leader”, “Experience Manager” and more.
  • The new education market dynamics.
  • See new technology from sponsor show-and-tell.
  • Hear what other parts of the country are spending on digital curriculum.
  • Cyber security and what other schools are doing with student data privacy.
  • Administration level restructuring for digital.
  • Gain an understanding of the top issues preventing digital adoptions now.
  • See how the whole market has “flipped.”
  • Get the facts on how laptops are outpacing tablets by user categories.
  • Single sign on solutions and what other districts are doing about too many logins.
  • The latest statistics and facts from the 2017 Learning Counsel survey.
  • And group discussion.

Bonuses for Attending:
▪ Learning Counsel Certification for 6 hours of Professional Development training available upon request.
▪ Attendees are automatically enrolled to be one of 10 scholarships to be awarded to Learning Counsel members for our Annual National Gathering in Houston, Tx 2018.

Do you Speak or Share?

Each event includes leading education speakers who share their successful digital transformation strategies or the pitfalls they have overcome. If you would like to be a guest speaker or present with a short “Share-to-Care” moment in the day, offering a workaround or tech tip of your own, register and check contribute as a speaker and we'll contact you.

Agenda: 8 a.m. - 2 p.m.

Breakfast & Registration (Unless we start later in your city due to traffic – watch for our email after you register!)
Welcome Ceremony
Orientation 2018 – Ed-Tech Market Briefing by Learning Counsel
Education Executive Guest Speaker
Show & Discuss
Workshop – Learning and Leading with Analytics and Systems
Share-to-Care Moments – Educators Share Hot Apps
Sharp Tank (Keeping you Sharp on Ed-Tech)
Education Executive Guest Speaker
Discussion – Future Teacher Roles
Lunch Served
Share-to-Care Moments
Education Executive Policy Panel & Whole Group Discussion